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The main title of IASS-APCS-2012 symposium is From spatial structures to space structures. The symposium will cover all aspects of shell and spatial structures and mainly includes conceptual design, structural design, analysis, materials, construction, environment and other important topics.

A more detailed topics can be listed as follows:

Conceptual Design : Design of shell and spatial structures, form finding, free-form structures and morphology

Structural Design : Seismic design, wind engineering, details, design code, and design optimization.

Analysis : Stability/buckling analysis, geometrically or/and materially nonlinear analysis, dynamic analysis, stochastic analysis, and structural optimization technique.

Materials : Materials, constitutive laws, fatigue, fracture, composite material, concrete, steel, wood, smart material, and material test.

Construction : Construction technologies, construction management, maintenance, structural health monitoring, and fire protection.

Environment : Energy efficiency, sustainable technologies, and wind and solar energy.

Others : Long span bridge, aerospace structures, ship structures, and space structures.

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