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Working Groups in IASS

January 27, 2010

IASS announced the current active 12 working groups are as follows

  1. WG 1 Tanks and Silos, M. Rotter (UK)
  2. WG 3 Cooling Towers, U. Wittek (Germany), R. Harte (Germany)
  3. WG 4 Masts and Towers, U. Stottrup-Andersen (Denmark), G. Nielsen (Denmark)
  4. WG 5 Concrete Shells Roofs, J.F. Abel (USA), T. Tarnai (Hungary)
  5. WG 6 Tension and Membrane Structures, K. Kawaguchi (Japan)
  6. WG 8 Metal Spatial Structures, S. Kato (Japan), V. Gioncu (Romania), S.D. Xue (China), T. Takeuchi (Japan)
  7. WG 12 Timber Spatial Structures, J.C. Chilton (UK)
  8. WG 13 Computational Methods in Shell and Spatial Structures, A. Samartin (Spain), H. Ohmori (Japan)
  9. WG 15 Structural Morphology, A. Borgart (The Netherlands), B. Maurin (France), J. Coenders (The Netherlands)
  10. WG 17 Historical Structures, G. Arun (Turkey)
  11. WG 18 Environmentally Compatible Structures and Structural Materials, L. Vegh (Czech Republic), P. Vegh (Canada)
  12. WG 19 Temporary Spatial Structures, T. Murota (Japan)

IASS2012 unofficial homepage

January 26, 2010

This website is an unofficial homepage of IASS2012 symposium which will move to the official one with the same domain name ( IASS is the research organization to seek the development of advanced idea and technology on shell and spatial structures. The symposium of IASS has been held many places in the world annually. Recently, the IASS visited and will visit the following places for the symposim:

  • 2009 ┬áValancia, Spain
  • 2010 Shanghai, China
  • 2011 London, UK
  • 2012 Seoul, Korea